Library Books

There are a number of books available to borrow from our Library.† Joan Robson is in charge of this so please contact her on Telephone number 233083 or

Book(s)/Dvd(s) are to be returned within 3 months


Library List



Listen to Me!

Dibs Ė In Search of Self

Families & How to Survive Them

People Watching

Raising Boys

You Can Read Faces Like a Book

The Pampered Child Syndrome

The Secret Language of Your Child

Creating Kids Who Can Concentrate

Your child With Special Needs

How to Manage Communication Problems in Young Children


Time to Play

Happy Children

Life and How to Survive It

Spirituality & the Autistic Spectrum

The Kid

The Kid Moves On

The Luck Factor

Where Angels Walk

From the Edge of the Couch

Coping With Crisis

The Call

George and Sam

Whole Child/Whole Parent

Introduction to Child Development

Understanding Children

Child Behaviour

The Enneagram of Parenting

Optimum Nutrition Bible

The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time


New Toddler Taming

Creative Play

National Autistic Society Early Bird




Canít Eat, Wonít Eat

Theory of Mind

Comms Issues in Autism & Asperger


Know Your Parenting Personality

Do Not Disturb

How to be a Better Parent† (2 copies)

Canít Eat, Wonít Eat

Psychotic States in Children

The Dalai Lama Ė Awakening the Mind, Lightening the Heart


Growing Out of Trouble

Special Education Law (US version)

SEN and the Law

Listen to your Child

The Spiritual Life of Children

Poems to help you understand wo(men)

Something Understood