About us & our aims

About Us

We are a local support group set up and run by parents, for parents, families and friends who have or are involved with children who have a special need.


We hold a number of social events throughout the year which include monthly coffee mornings, mum and dads nights out, family outings, picnics and parties.


Our Aims

1. To offer friendship, support and advice when needed and if so desired to try to put parents in contact with others whose children have a similar diagnosis.

2. To find out what the particular needs of parents are and support where possible.

3. The work along side/with professionals in order that they will let other parents know of our       existence.

4. To be known as a friendly, informal group who all understand the issues of having a child with a special need.

5. To hold social events throughout the year.

6. To ensure parents are aware that there is no pressure on them to do anything within the group other than to be supported, form friendships and enjoy social events.

7. To offer a support service wherever possible during meetings with other professionals. 

8. To educate the public to enable understanding and acceptance.

9. Last, but by no means least to enable our special children to enjoy social events and outings       together.




About Parent Support Services

Meetings about your child can be an emotional experience.  To help ease the pressure of parents/carers feeling they have to remember all that was said within the meeting, our aim is where ever possible to offer a volunteer support worker to accompany parents/carers to meetings which involve their child.  The meeting may be with other professionals to discuss your child’s developmental progress or educational needs.

Our aim will be to help parents/carers understand the reason for the meeting, have an agenda and are aware of exactly who will be present.

Our volunteer will take notes during the meeting which will then be typed up and forwarded to parents/carers for approval.  A copy will also need to be forwarded to all other persons present at the meeting.

We will carry out the above in a confidential, non judgemental way.

Please contact us if you feel we may be of help, we would be glad to meet with you and discuss this service further.