The Past and the Present -
The 1787 Duke of Richmond map as included on Digimap

2004 was a watershed year for the parish Douzaines. For centuries their representatives, together with the Jurats and Rectors, were the States of Guernsey. Of these three groups only the Douzaine Representatives had survived the reforms of 1948 but 56 years later they too were finally replaced, by directly elected Deputies.

As the Douzaines are Guernsey's only alternative political platform they still have a role as a counterweight to the centralised power of the States and the Civil Service. However do they have an everyday relevance to parishioners in an age when planning and most services are provided by States Departments?

The object of this website is make available, in an accessible form, information about the current functions of the Douzaines and Constables, the parochial taxation laws and the parishes' financial systems. These documents are downloadable from pages which set them in the context of the last 150 years or so. The compilation of the documents was not necessarily an end in itself but was intended to provide a starting point for any discussions about the future of the Douzaines. The final page includes a few suggestions for enhancing the role of the Douzaines in the 21st Century.

The information was gathered during my three years as a Constable of St Pierre du Bois (2004 - 2006) and whilst all parishes are different (St Peter Port being more different than most) much of the information can be seen to apply across the island's ten parishes.

Mention should be made of Richard Hocart's "An Island Assembly" an invaluable reference for those interested in the development of the parishes and the States and of Tom Jehan who did sterling work for St Peter Port in compiling the original list of laws relevant to Douzeniers and Constables and a history of bornements.