R.A.M.V.A - Aircooled VW Technical Support Index


Beetle changes through the years 1940-1985 (includes chassis and engine numbers)
Beetle Year Identification and Chassis Number Table - Robert K Kuln
Bosch distributor identification chart
- Ken Earnhardt
Carburettor types - Robert K Kuln (currently unavailable)
Chassis dating - GazMP
Differences between models - Robert K Kuln (currently unavailable)
Engine type identification - GazMP
Model changes by year - type 1 - Jeff Frohwein
M numbers - NEATO
Model and Year Variations - Unca Joel Walker
Quick reference dating
- John Henry; The BugShop
Transporter model numbers - NEATO
Type 2 split screen technical info - Thom Fitzpatrick
Understanding your VIN plate - Dave Hall
VW Part Numbering System - Melissa Kepner and Jim Adney
VW TYPEs 1,2,3,4 Engine Letter Codes - Type 2 Technical Resourse Library
Volkswagen T2 production codes - Vincent Molenaar
Year Identification and Changes (1949 - 1979) Buses - Josh Rodgers