R.A.M.V.A - Aircooled VW Technical Support Index

Gearbox and Clutch

'71 Transmission & Shift Rod Make Over - Ron Van Ness
Bowden tubes explained - John Henry; The BugShop
Clutch replacement - Robert K Kuln
Clutch Replacement - Sean Bartnik
Clutch tube re-attachment and pedal cluster resto - John Henry; The BugShop
Converting a semi auto type 1 to a manual (via his front page) - Matt Claydon
CV Bolt Removal - Ron Van Ness
CV Joint Servicing - Tom Carrington
Gearbox gear ratios - Baja.com
Release bearing replacement - Robert K Kuln
Release lever replacement - Robert K Kuln (currently unavailable)
Shifter Adjustment (Type 2?)- Bill Wood
Shifter bushing replacement - John Henry; The BugShop
Tranny Rebuilding Guide - Craig K
Using a 12volt flywheel in a 6volt transmission - John Henry; The BugShop