R.A.M.V.A - Aircooled VW Technical Support Index


see also Ignition and Fuel & Carb sections.

A First Timer's 1600cc Engine Rebuild (Type 2) - Ron Van Ness
Automotive LPG Fuel - Tom Jennings
Breaking in/running in a new or rebuilt engine - Aircooled.net
Cleaning a carbon blocked hear riser tube (carb icing) - John Henry; The BugShop
Compression testing - Ken Earnhardt
Cooling flaps and what they do - Jan Andersson
Diagnosing Engine Trouble - David Schwarze
Distributor drive shaft removal and installation - Ken Earnhardt
Easy aircooled modification - Aircooled.net
Engine Diagnosis Tips - Michelle (LaRose Racing)
Engine Displacement (cc) - Robert K Kuhn
Engine Pinging - David Schwarze
Engine removal - Robert K Kuln
Engine and Transmission Removal AC Vanagon - Sean Bartnik
Excel engine calculations spreadsheet. Will work out CC, CR, carbs and other engine building data. PC version only in ZIP format - download - GazMP
Fan Belt Adjustment, Type 1 Engine - Sean Bartnik
Fitting a type 4 engine into a Beetle - Joe Cali
Flywheel Swap ('72-'79 Type 2) - Jim Thompson
How to build a performance engine - GazMP
How to Inspect a Used VW Engine Case - David Easterwood
How to strip and rebuild a type 1 engine - GazMP
Hydraulic Lifter Adjustment - Mike Benthin
Hydraulic Lifters and Type IV Pushrod Tube Seals - John Anderson
Leak-down testing - Ken Earnhardt
Leak Down Test - Dennis Haynes
Pistons, cylinders and rings - Aircooled.net
Pistons and Cylinders - Al Brase
Pushrod Tube Oil Seals - Sean Bartnik
Quick Valve Adjust - Brian Verbeek
Rear Motor Mount Replacement ('72-'79 Type 2) - Dennis Jolliffe (a.k.a. Denmeister) and David Schwarze
Type 3 Air Deflector (Cool Tin) Installation - Ron Van Ness
Type 4: Secrets revealed - Tom Slider
Valve Adjustment - Sean Bartnik
Valve Adjustment Tools - Al Brase and Ron Van Ness