Heteroptera Red and black bugs from the Channel Islands area

Eurydema ornata Eurydema herbaceum Corizus hyoscyami Pyrrhocoris apterus Horvarthiolus superbus Melanocoryphus albomaculatus Arocatus roeselii Lygaeus equestris Graphosoma lineatum Prostemma guttula Peirates sp.

Eurydema ornata

Eurydema ornata, Pentatomidae. 7-8mm. A shield bug found rarely on plants of the cabbage family such as Sea Radish in Guernsey & Jersey.

Eurydema herbaceum, Pentatomidae. 7-8mm. This bug lives on Sea Holly on the dunes in the Cotentin and has been recorded from Jersey.

Corizus hyoscyami, Rhopalidae. 9mm. A bug that is common everywhere in Guernsey, even in gardens, usually feeding on plants of the Geranium family such as Cranesbills and Storksbills. This is the bug most likely to be confused with the Fire Bug. The Fire Bug has rounder black spots on the wings, a black centre to the thorax, an entirely black head and scutellum (the triangular plate behind the thorax between the wings).

Pyrrhocoris apterus, Pyrrhocoridae. 9mm. The Fire Bug.

Horvarthiolus superbus, Lygaeidae. 4-5mm. A much smaller bug, common in the C.I. but not found in Britain, that is said to be associated with foxgloves. However it can often be found in heathy places with no foxgloves nearby.

Melanocoryphus albomaculatus, Lygaeidae. 6-10mm. Not found in the Channel Islands but occurs on the Normandy coast opposite the islands.

Arocatus roeselii, Lygaeidae. 6-7mm. This bug has recently been found in Guernsey living on alder. It does not occur in Normandy or Britain but is recorded S of the Loire.

Lygaeus equestris, Lygaeidae. 9-14mm. Not found in the Channel Islands but occurs in Normandy.

Graphosoma lineatum, Pentatomidae. 7-10mm. This species occurs in the Chausey Islands and is common on the Brittany coast near St Malo. It was found in Jersey in 2007.

Prostemma guttula, Nabidae. 6-8mm. Unlike the previous bugs this is a predatory species. It is found in Jersey and Guernsey in the Channel Islands but is extinct in the U.K.

Peirates sp., Reduviidae. 9-10mm. Another predatory species found in sand dunes on the French coast

Red and Black Bugs

A red and black colour scheme is common in bugs. Further South in France there are many more species with this colouration. Insects in other groups too such as the frog-hopper Cercopis vulnerata (not found in Guernsey), many Hymenoptera, Burnet & Cinnabar moths and ladybirds share this pattern. This is a good example of Batesian/Mullerian mimicry.

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