Oedipoda caerulescens Orthoptera:Acrididae Blue-winged grasshopper

Blue-winged grasshopper Habitat, cliffs in S.W. Guernsey Blue Hind-wings C.I. distribution

Oedipoda caerluscens 26kb

The Blue-winged grasshopper is found in Guernsey and Jersey, but not in the other Channel Islands. In Guernsey it lives exclusively on areas of the cliffs which have sparse, short vegetation. In Jersey it also lives on sand dunes where the vegetation may be quite long. The sparsity of records in Jersey is due to under-recording.

When at rest the grasshopper is well camouflaged by its mottled brown or grey body. When it takes flight its blue hind-wings are very conspicuous; the grasshopper appears like a blue butterfly for a few moments then appears to vanish as it comes to rest.

The stridulation of this species is very quiet and not noticed by most observers

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