Colletes hederae Apidae Ivy Bee

The bee Damage to bank Damage to Bank Stenoria analis

Colletes hederae 19kb

This stripy yellow and black bee is abundant in the Channel Islands and has recently been found in Southern England. It was only recognised as a distinct species about 10 years ago. It is the last species of solitary bee to emerge in the summer in late August or September and it feeds on ivy flowers in the autumn up until mid November. It nests in roadside banks and in cliffs, sometimes in enormous numbers. The photographs show the extent of the damage that the burrowing bees can do to a bank when excavating their burrows.

The Meloid beetle Stenoria analis is a parasite of the bee in the Channel Islands and France but has not yet been found in Britain. The beetles lay their eggs near the bee burrows, the triangulin larva of the beetle can be found on the bees, and it eventually slips off the bee and consumes the food store of nectar and pollen that the female bee has prepared for its larva.

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