Cetonia aurata and C. morio Scarabaeidae Two Chafers

Cetonia aurata Cetonia morio

Cetonia aurata 14kb

The Rose Chafer, Cetonia aurata is a beautiful, large, shiny green beetle that is found in Southern England. It is abundant in Sark and the Chausey Islands in the Summer but is very rare in the larger islands of Guernsey and Jersey. However, in Guernsey, the non-British species Cetonia morio which is mat black is quite common on the cliffs. Both species fly in warm sunshine and feed on nectar and pollen usually in the white umbels of Hogweed or Sea Carrot. Both species have underground larvae. That of the Rose Chafer is said to be associated with the wood ant Formica rufa, though no ants of this red and black group of the genus Formica is found in Sark or Chausey.

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