Keeping Well

CBT & Online Self Help Programmes

Find out about your condition

If you don't know the name of your condition - ASK!

Accept that it's not your fault

Eat a healthy diet

Get enough sleep

Exercise regularly - walk each day

Learn how to manage stress and anxiety

Learn to control your anger

Learn a Relaxation technique

Build your self-esteem

Learn to be assertive

Take responsibility for managing your condition

Take your medication as prescribed by your doctor - report any effects

Avoid non-prescribed drugs and excess alcohol

Join a self-help group

Find out where you can obtain help and support

Ask for help sooner rather than later

Do a self help programme online


NHS Live Well Website



Things to do

Take up a new hobby

Join a leisure centre or health suite

Telephone someone you haven't spoken to for a while

Mow the lawn

Do a crossword

Clean the car

Go for a walk or jog

Get the old cycle out!

Visit a new church

Visit a museum

Check out what films are on at the cinema

Go to a concert

Join a self-help group

Browse an antiques shop

Learn another language

Start an evening class

Have a reflexology or aromatherapy session

Visit the hairdresser - new style or colour

Purge your wardrobe

Have an early night

Potter around town window shopping

Go out for lunch

Go to the beach - whatever the weather!

Learn to drive - or take a trial lesson

Visit a nursery or park

Eat something you haven't tried before

Join a civil rights group

Do some voluntary work

Have a swim

Try a new magazine or newspaper

Write a letter or article for a magazine or newspaper

Learn to meditate

Visit the tourist attraction

Walk alongside the sea, a river, reservoir or lake

Write a letter

Take a bus ride somewhere new

Visit an aquarium

Start a diary

Visit a car boot sale

Learn to Meditate, or Tai Chi, Yoga

Do some gardening

Visit the dental hygienist

Treat yourself to a session with a beautician

Write a short story or a poem

Listen to some favourite music

Bang a drum!!

Get some holiday brochures

Enter a competition

Visit a historical or natural site

Take up a musical instrument

Decorate a room, or a piece of furniture

Take up painting

Visit an art exhibition

Join a dance class

Do the crossword

Visit a nature reserve

Surf the internet!

Create a website!!


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