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To be to comment about this sight would take forever, but regarding paintings by BEV, well they are well wonderful beautiful glorious each telling a story. If you know the places even more wonderful so lifelike and so true, don't wish to offend but to say better than photographs. to cut it short, I loved them Eric

Eric Le-Normand

Guernsey/now Norway  






My dad came from Guernsey, I visited as a child. He came to love this
island on the other side of the world.

Jeff LePoidevin

Waiheke Island, New Zealand







Guernsey is just as beautiful now as it was when i left and still miss it

Jill & Phill Sauders

Sandwich, Kent







I visited Guernsey in 1966 as a teenager, it left a great impression on me, for thirty years, I promised to take my wife to Guernsey. I finally did it in early September this year(2006). I had forgotten just how beautiful the island is. My wife fell in love with the place, we just did not want to leave at the end of our weeks stay. We shall be back!!

Ray & Sue







Thoroughly enjoyed looking through the Guernsey photographs. It brought back pleasant memories of many holidays spent on the island. My mother and sister were born on in Guernsey and we can trace ancestors on the island back to 1675. Have encouraged many to visit Guernsey and this website will be a useful in showing off the island's many attractions. Thank you for a superb site!








I recently made a good friend who was born and raised in Guernesy, he told me how beautiful it was so I started looking around, and its so beautiful, you guys did a very wonderful job, and I hope someday he will take me along to see his home!!!!


Flagstaff, Arizona






Sunset at Fort Grey


High Water at Rocquaine


Moonlight at Fort Grey



Victoria Tower


Guernsey Farmhouse


Castle Cornet




Portelet at night


L'Ancresse Sunset


Castle Cornet at night


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Guernsey Flag

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