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 Guernsey Rabbit & Cavy Club
The club was formed in 1968 by a couple  who
wanted an interesting hobby, and from then on,
It has gone from strength to strength.

We hold 6 shows a year in March, April, June,
July, September and October and also participate
in local agricultural shows. Our aim is for
members to be able to keep, breed and show
their animals up to exhibition standard.

There are various classes for various breeds of
rabbits and cavies, available for the more serious
exhibitor and also for juniors up to the age of 16.

We even have adult and junior pet sections
for the fun exhibitor. This means you can
compete with your animals in a fun and social
environment for adults and children alike, with
members ranging from 6 years old to nearly 90,
each bringing their own knowledge and
experience, so all are welcome!

The club is based in Guernsey but the interest
can be taken to UK shows and further afield,
Creating a much loved worldwide hobby.

For more information on showing, Guernsey
Breeders or for care advice, please contact us