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This website will no longer be updated (information has not been updated since November 2002), but will remain online for now.  I apologise for any dead links.  The forum and chat room remain on line, but I will not be monitoring them.

Please visit the  TOURETTE SCOTLAND and TSA websites for up to date information and support

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"Isn't Tourette Syndrome the one where they shout and swear?" is the question that I'm often asked.  Gilles de la Tourette Syndrome is a widely misunderstood and under-diagnosed neurobiological condition, and sufferers can experience prejudice and ridicule.


What can start as blinking and sniffing, can develop into a condition that affects every area of our lives.  Tourette Syndrome is a spectrum disorder - it varies with each individual, and may be anywhere on the spectrum between very mild and severe.   For most, it may never develop beyond blinking and sniffing (and the like), which are often written off as “nervous habits” or allergy symptoms.  Recent research shows that 3% of the general school population may have tourette syndrome.   15 pupils in a school of 500 - the vast majority of which may be entirely unaware of why they have these "habits". 


 Every child or adult is different, and each child or adult is affected differently by TS.  TS does not affect intelligence – on the links page you will find articles about a successful pilot and surgeon, NBA basket ball player and Samuel Johnson, all who have or had Tourette Syndrome.

For more information about Tourette Syndrome and other tic disorders - click here


This is not an official TSA website.  I am simply a mum who wanted to provide some info about TS in the UK


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