In addition to its main armament of 4 x 22cm K532f guns, the battery was defended by a formidable arsenal of weapons for close combat defence.

The role of these weapons was twofold, firstly to defend the battery itself from direct assault either by land or by paratroops.  Secondly the battery was an important link in the islands chain of coastal defences and formed one of the most heavily fortified strong points on the islandís south coast.

The battery perimeter was secured by lines of barbed wire with minefields positioned along the cliff top.  Machine gun emplacements and mortar pits were linked by communication trenches.  A 60cm searchlight was provided for night illumination.  

 FT-17 Turret


MG311(f) machine gun


200mm spigot mortar  


5cm GRW36 light mortar  



Anti-personnel shrapnel mine 35 shown sectioned in right hand photo


8mm Hotchkiss mle 1914  heavy machine gun German designation 257(f)  


7.92mm MG34 light machine gun


7.92mm MG34 light machine gun in Tobruck emplacement  


MG08 heavy machine gun


20cm Leichter Ladungswerfer Spigot mortar  


3.7cm Pak 35/36 light anti-tank gun  


Schu mine 42 Wooden anti-personnel mine  


Defensive flame-thrower 42


Attached weapon strength

Number Type Description
1 3.7cm Pak Light anti-tank gun  
3 2cm flak  Light anti-aircraft gun  
1 3.7cm Kw.K Captured gun in tank turret 
2 Ldgs.W  Spigot mortar  
2 Le.Gr.W Light mortar  
6 MG.34  Light machine gun
2 s.MG.08 Heavy machine gun  
1 s.MG.34  Heavy machine gun  
2 MG.257(f) Captured heavy machine gun  
2 MG.311(f)  Captured machine gun in tank turret
10 FLA.W.42 Static defensive flame-thrower