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Calender 2018


These events are to be held in addition to the normal Services.

Saturday 6th - Christmas decorations come down.

Sunday 7th - Divine Service: 11:00am

Friday 19th - New Year Party: 7:00pm

Friday 9th - Bingo and Buffet Evening: 7:00pm.

Thurs 21st - Tues 27th - Visiting Medium Debbie Dean.

Friday 16th - Evening of Communication (Psychometry): 7:00pm

Friday 30th - Good 'Funday': 2.00pm

Monday 2nd - Direct Communication (Members Only):  10:30am sharp

Thursday 19th Annual General Meeting: 7:00pm



All are welcome to these services / events regardless of religious beliefs
















Visiting Mediums

When we are fortunate to have a visiting medium with us, the following programme will generally be followed:

Friday 7:00pm: Introduction and communication evening

Saturday 2:00pm-5:00pm Workshop

Sunday 11:00am: Divine Service

Private readings by arrangement