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Inter-Insular Records

1970 - 2019

Records from the Guernsey Evening Press and the Jersey Post have revealed so far that the 1st Inter-Insular matches, before the inauguration of the Guernsey Basketball Association, took place in Guernsey over the weekend of Saturday 2nd and Sunday 3rd March 1969.  There were 4 matches.

The men's B team match was played on Saturday at the Boys Grammar School.  At full time the score was 19 - 19.  The Jersey B team eventually won 23-19 after overtime.

On the Sunday the matches were staged at the badminton halls.   The Intermediate men lost narrowly by 13 points to 15.  The team (and score) was: D.Legg 0, J.King 5, A.Staples 6, C.Sheehan 2, P.Babbe 0, C.Le Poidevin 0, K.Babbe 0.

The Juniors followed this game with a resounding 6 - 5 win, yes it is not a misprint, a 6 - 5 scoreline, all the points coming from one player.  The team was: B.Roussel 6, A.Creed 0,  S.Nicolle 0, T.Rabey 0, R.Newsom 0, R.McGonnell 0, W.Rugg 0, P.Le Tocq 0, A.Chivers 0.

The Senior Men's match resulted in an equally close win for Guernsey by 35 points to 34.  At half time the score was 19 - 10 in favour of the home side and they went on to outplay the Caesareans, who had an ex Italian professional, Angelo Azzalli (14 points), playing for them.  Some things never change!  The team was: T.Carter 2, J.King 2, T.Le Huray 0, G.King 4, A.Staples 4, R.Quinn (Capt) 8, E.Menzies 2, D.Budge 2, G.Garland 5, I.Curle 6.  What a team effort, only Terry Le Huray failed to score!

The 1st Inter-Insular matches played under the auspices of the GBA were played in Jersey in 1970. The Guernsey teams were:   

Senior Men:          R.Quinn, A.Staples, B.Preston, D.Budge, G.Garland, E.Menzies,  K.Burdett, K.Baker

U19 Men:      R.Furr, D.Pearce, S.Elder, A.Chivers, D.Fryer, I.Hickton, N.Broughton, P.Babbe, C.Sheehan, A.Staples. 

In 1973 the teams were:    Seniors - J.Patch, T.McDonaugh, A.Staples, C.Sheehan, K.Baker, D.Budge, P.Sherbourne, B.Preston, R.Froome, P.Keutzer, C.Le Marquand, T.Taylor.  Juniors - C.Le Marquand, P.Le Tocq, M.Petit, K.Nicholls, P.Keutzer, P.Boscher, P.Ward, A.Le Poidevin, D.Vowels, P.Newton, T.Thomas, C.Marquis, T.Masterton, A.Chivers, R.Webb, C.Fallaize, K.Davey, Coach T.Le Huray.

The 1975 team was Colin Fallaize, Phil Babbe, Colin Falla, Ted McDonaugh, Ken Baker, Alan Hubert, Phil Keutzer, Julian Patch, Bryan Preston.  Coach: T Le Huray

In 1981 the seniors were - P.Diligent, T.Masterton, K.Baker, K.Trimble, C.Fallaize, R.Pirouet, Coach J.Patch.

In 1982 the seniors were - P.Diligent, C.Archenoul, T.Masterton, K.Trimble, K.Baker, C.Wells, D.Le Gallez, S.Dunning, C.Lamb, I.Robinson.  Juniors were - A Warren (C) (19 pts), P.Van de Velde, L.Smart, D.Cluett, T.Cranchi, S.Dowinton (12), J Falla, J de Carteret.

In 1983 the seniors were - K.Trimble, K.Baker, P.Diligent, C.Archenoul, T.Masterton, C.Lamb, C.Wells.  Juniors - T.Cranchi, S.Dowinton, J.Gould, L.Smart, A.Warren, D.Cluett, W.Le Vote.

In 1984 a new trophy was donated by Randalls Brewery.   The matches were played at Beau Sejour with mixed results. The men's team was P.Henry, A.Creed (Blazes), I.Robinson, D.Le Gallez (DWA), K.Baker, P.Diligent, T.Masterton, K.Trimble (Team Fiat), C.Lamb (Moody Travel).  The women's team comprised S.Vidamour, D.Robinson, L.Simon, J.Ozanne, F.Cutter, L.Carre, J.Wakeford, M.Marshall, S.Bailey.  The women won narrowly, the game going to overtime, with Dawn Robinson awarded the MVP.

1997    Juniors     A.Mountford, J.Rowe, P.Jehan, T.Grayland, J.Roussel, L.Smyth, M.Yabsley, B.Colley, B.Hill, P.Ogier, C.Chamberlain, W.Sandrey. Coach - T.Le Huray

Women     E.Webb, T.Thorne, A.Hainsworth, K.Buck, T.Martel, W.Van Katwyk, A.Marriott, K.Hyman, T.Hubert, S.Martineau. Coach - J.Mountford

Men         N.Leale, G.dela Mare, S.Le Blancq, N.Thomas, T.Cranchi, C.Mountford, C.Bale, L.Savident, J.Renouf, S.Le Page. Coach - C.Archenoul

1998    Juniors     S.Bisson, L.Ogier, D.Cavanagh, B.Hill, T.Grayland, A.Ward, J.Rowe, L.Smyth, M.Yabsley, A.Stephens. Coach - T.Le Huray

Women     E.Webb, J.Healy, A.Marriott, A.Hainsworth, T.Martel, W.Van Katwyk, P.Le Vasseur, K.Hyman, S.Ferguson, T.Hubert. Coach - J.Mountford

Men     C.Bale, T.Cranchi, P.Jehan, C.Lamb, N.Lawlor, N.Leale, S.Le Blancq, C.Mountford, J.Renouf, J.Roussel. Coach - C.Archenoul

1999    Juniors     P.Van Beek, A.Saffari, J.Rowe, D.Cavanagh, T.Grayland, A.Ward, L.Ogier, L.Smyth, M.Yabsley, A.Stephens. Coach - T.Le Huray        MVP - T Grayland

Women     E.Webb, J.Savident, T.Greeno, A.Marriott, J.Healy, T.Martel, W.Van Katwyk, P.Le Vasseur, T.Hubert, S.Ferguson. Coach - P.Ogier        MVP - T Greeno

Men     P.Buck, G.dela Mare, S.Le Blancq, N.Bewey, J.Sarre, P.Jehan, D.Cavanagh, C.Lamb, S.Le Page, N.Lawlor. Coach - S.Le Blancq         MVP - D Cavanagh

2000    Juniors    D.Bacon, A.Battle, Bertrand, B.Hill, K.Holland, A.Saffari, A.Shaw, A.Stephens, A.Yabsley, C.Simms. Coach - G.dela Mare        MVP - A Saffari

Women     M.Bleasdale, S.Ferguson, T.Greeno, T.Hubert, D.Hunter, K.Hyman, V.Jackson, T.Martel, S.Stonebridge, E.Webb. Coach - P.Ogier         MVP - V Jackson

Men     D.Cavanagh, B.Colley, G.dela Mare, T.Grayland, P.Jehan, N.Leale, S.Le Blancq, L.Ogier, A.Ward, J Renouf. Coach - C.Archenoul        MVP - J Renouf

2001    Juniors    D.Cooper, J.Robert, K.Holland, Woolfson, T.Hill, W.Jones, Bertrand, A.Battle, L.Archenoul, A.Saffari (C). Coach - A.Farish            MVP - Woolfson

Women    E.Webb, H.Todd, D.Hunter, L.Le Cocq, T.Hubert, T.Martel, T.Greeno, K.Hyman (C), K.Jehan, V.Jackson. Coach - P.Ogier            MVP - H.Todd

Men        A.Mountford, J.Roussel, A.Stephens, S.Le Blancq, J.Rowe, B.Colley, A.Farish, L.Smyth, K.Smyth, N.Govett (C). Coach - C.Archenoul    MVP - N.Govett

2002    Juniors  W.Jones (C), L.Archenoul, P.Battle, N.Brocklebank, R.Davey, J.Draper, D.Wilson, M.Beausire, T.Hill, M. Queripel. Coach    A.Farish        MVP  R. Davey (21 pts)

Women    T.Martel (C), L.Le Cocq, E.Webb, H.Todd, L.Hardman, S.Stonebridge, J.Hall, K.Hardman, J.Savident, L.Cervinkova. Coach    P.Ogier        MVP  E. Webb (19 pts)

Men    N.Govett (C), M.Barnett, L.Smyth, K.Smyth, P.Jehan, P.Van Beek, J.Tracey, A.Stephens, J.Roussel, L.Ogier. Coach    P. Ogier        MVP N. Govett (13 pts)               

2003    Juniors    P.Battle, R. Le Page, K.Holland, D.Wilson, R.Davey, M.Beausire, N.Brocklebank, S.Warren, L.Archenoul, Coach    C.Archenoul    MVP M.Beausire (25 pts)

Women    No game    Jersey forfeit    Squad - R.Taylor, K.Burgess, D.Hunter, S.Harris, L.Kerr, U.Veron, J.Hall, K.Hyman, S.Stonebridge, K.Hardman E.Webb, N.Whitty, K.Henry, S.Gaudion, T.Martel, T.Greeno, V.Jackson, L.Cervinkova        Coach P.Ogier

Men    J.Roussel, L.Ogier, P.Van Beek, L.Smyth, A.Stephens, P.Jehan, N.Govett, K.Smyth, M.Barnett, S.Le Page, Coach    S.Le Blancq    MVP    L.Ogier (24 pts)

2004     Juniors    B.Le Page, M.Skillett, A.Grogan, J.Bourgaize, C.Bourgaize, A.Goodall, R.Davey(29pts), M.Queripel, C.Platt, M.Beausire(15pts) Coach: C.Archenoul    MVP D.Middleton (28pts)

Women     K.Brown, R.Vaudin, K.Henry, T.Martel, L.Henry, T.Greeno(23pts), L.Brown, K.Hyman, L.Kerr(21pts), S.Gaudion    Coach: C.Mountford  MVP L.Kerr

Men     P.Van Beek(20), J.Roberts, L.Ogier, J.Tracey, J.Roussel, R.Davey, K.Smyth, M.Beausire, N.Govett, M.Yabsley(24pts)    Coach: S.Le Blancq     MVP D.Prince(34pts)

2005    U17    R Fletcher, M Sawbridge, C Falla, R Williams, N Zimmerman, T Leale, B Page(12pts), S Rowe, C Simon, J Hooper, J Bisson(12pts), D Marriott(14pts). Coach: P Ogier   MVP A Henderson (16pts)

U21    M Skillett, J Hooper, A Grogan, J Bourgaize, K Holland(12pts), T Peachey, R Davey, C Platt(16pts), P Battle, D Wilson, M Beausire(12pts), D Marriott Coach: A Maiden     MVP C Platt

Women    No game    Jersey forfeit    Squad - L Kerr, T Martel, K Henry, S Castle, L Brown, A Keiller, R Vaudin, N Whitty, E Hicks, S Gaudion, S Harris, L Cervinkova    Coach: C Mountford

Men    P Van Beek (10), J Roussel, L Ogier, J Tracey, N Govett, A Stephens (10), R Davey, M Beausire, A Bruvelis (10), L Smyth, N Jennings (10), A Saffari Coach: S Le Blancq    MVP D Prince (19pts)

2006    U21    M Beausire, A Grogan, J Hooper, M Skillett, J Bourgaize, C Bourgaize, C Falla, R Fletcher, M Sawbridge, S Rowe, J Bisson, D Marriott     Coach: R Davey

Women    E Hicks, k Brown, J Bellis, V Loveridge, L Kerr, T Martel, N Grainger, S Harris, A Wright, L Brown, R Guille, G Loveridge    Coach: P Ogier

Men    N Govett, J Stuart, N Lawlor, M Beausire, M Barnett, J Renouf, K Smyth, J Roussel, L Ogier, J Tracey, P van Beek, J Hooper    Coach: S Le Blancq

2007    U21    M Sawbridge, N Zimmerman, C Falla (2pts), J Hooper (Cap, 24), I Froome (2), A Walden (16), S Rowe (5), M Hamon (3), T Robins, J Bisson (8), D Marriott (10), R Fletcher (22)  Coach A Farish   MVP  J Hooper

Women    E Pattimore (5 pts), K Brown (13), V Loveridge (2), E Hicks (6), L Kerr (Cap, 27), T Martel (7), A Wright (17), J Bellis (4), L brown (6), C Hartwich (7), G Loveridge (7), L Cervinkova (2)  Coach P Ogier  MVP L Kerr

Men    P Van Beek (7pts), J Roussel (2), L Ogier (8), J Renouf (4), J Tracey (6), A Stephens (3), J Hooper, K Smyth (4), N Govett (Cap, 12), M Beausire (12), J Stuart(6)  Coach J Stuart  MVP  M Beausire

2008    U21  Jason Hooper (Capt)(MVP) (26),  S Rowe (16), M Sawbridge (15), D Marriott (12), T Dakar (8), A Walden (7), A Pilmanis (4), R Fletcher (2), Max Hamon, Ian Froome, Jamie Bisson, Chris Simon. Coach P Ogier

Women  Amy Wright (MVP) (15), L Kerr (Capt) (12), K Brown (8), R Vaudin (8), G Loveridge (6), S Redhead (5), L Brown (1), T Martel, E Pattimore, E Hicks, K Cochrane,          J Bellis, Coach P Ogier

Men  M Beausire (18), L Smyth (11) MVP, J Tracey (8), M Barnett (7), P Jehan (7), A Stephens (5), J Renouf (4), J Hooper (2), N Govett (Capt) (2), N Leale, P Wilkes, J Stuart.  Coach J Stuart

2009    U21    J Hooper (18) (C), M McKenna, M Sawbridge (2), M Hamon (25), S Norris, L Lord, A Walden (11), S Rowe (13), A Pilmanis (9), D Marriott (22), E Weeks, M Hunter (2), Coach: A Farish

Men    M Barnett (5) (C), P Van Beek (8), L Smyth (1), N Leale (3), J Renouf, J Tracey, A Stephens (3), J Hooper (8), M Beausire (13), N Govett (2), S Sesay (17), J Stuart (7) (Player Coach)

Women    No game    Jersey forfeit

2010   U21    A Walden (6) (C), S Rowe (22), D Marriott (6), M Hamon (30) MVP, S Norris (9), M Hunter (2), M McKenna, L Lord, B Phillips, E Weeks (2), S Simon (6), Coach: A Farish

Women    E Pattimore (2) (C), V Loveridge (6), K Daunt (9), E Hicks (15) MVP, J Rees (9), T Martel (2), A Wright (18), D Brehaut (3), K Le Gallez, G Batiste (10), V Van Someren, Coach: P Ogier

Men    J Stuart (2) (Player Coach), N Govett (1), A Stephens (8), M Barnett, M Beausire (18), J Rowe (3), J Renouf (3), S Rowe (3), J Tracey, K Smyth (13) MVP, L Smyth (5), P Van Beek (6)   

2011    U21    A Walden (3) (C), B Phillips, M Sawbridge (3), M Hamon (21) MVP, J Alderton, S Norris (8), M Hunter (5), S Rowe (13), L Lord (2), L Vaudin, E Weeks, S Simon (24).    Coach: A Farish

Women    J Rees (11) (C), E Webb (Pattimore), K Daunt (3), E Hicks (6), R Vaudin (17), V Loveridge (4), D Brehaut (2), K Le Gallez, K Cochrane (10) MVP, G Batiste (6)    Coach: P Ogier

Men    A Stephens (C), A Walden (2), A Ward (5), J Hooper (26) MVP, J Renouf (3), P Jehan, M Beausire (5), S Rowe (3), D Marriott, M Yabsley (15), S Sesay (10), K Smyth.    Coach: N Govett

2012    U21    M Hamon (21) (C), O Daunt, D Hooper, M Hunter (2), B Lamb, R Machon (2), S Norris (19), E Ozols (23), N Trebert, L Vaudin (7), E Weeks, L West (5).    Coach: K Smyth MVP: A Pacheco

Women    G Batiste (7) (C), E Batiste (2), K Cochrane (6), K Dauncey, Kat Daunt (12), E Hicks (5), T Hubert (1), K Le Gallez, V Van Someren (2), R Vaudin (4), A Wright (25).    Coach: P Ogier MVP: Kat Daunt

Men    A Walden (4) (C), M Beausire (7), J Hooper (9), D Marriott, S Rowe, S Sesay, A Stephens, J Stuart (9), J Tracey (4), P Van Beek, A Ward (4), M Yabsley (19).    Coach: A Farish  MVP: I da Mata

2013    U21    S Norris (24) (C), J Hull (2), L West, J Doyle, C Robert, L Vaudin (22), C Le Moignan (6), L Lord, N Trebert (9)    Coach: K Smyth

Women    J Rees (12) (C), V Travers (4), V Farish, K Cochrane (4), E Hicks (12), K Daunt (8), R Vaudin (7), K Le Gallez, D Brehaut (4), L Hall (8), E Gettings, V Tomlin (19) MVP.    Coach: P Ogier

Men    A Walden (4) (C), J Hooper (21), L Ogier (15), A Vaganovs (6), M Yabsley (13), P Van Beek (3), J Rowe (5), M Hamon (7), D Marriott (2), J Tracey (2), S Sesay (19) MVP, J Stuart (4).    Coach:A Farish

2014    U21    F Rice (7), J Hull (6), C Le Moignan (9), S Simon (21) MVP, L West, L Lord (2), M McKenna (4), L Vaudin (15), C Roberts (3), J Doyle    Coach: L Smyth

Women    E Webb (5), K Daunt (6), E Batiste (4), R Vaudin (9), D Brehaut (2), V Tomlin (4) MVP, E Gettings (4), V Travers (4), K Cochrane (4), G Batiste (10), J Murphy (10) (C), V Farish (3)    Coach: P Ogier

Men    P Van Beek, J Rowe, M Hamon (5), A Stephens, J Hooper (24) MVP, D Marriott (4), A Walden (6) (C), M Beausire (11), A Vaganovs (3), A Bublinskis (11), S Sesay (11), M Yabsley (14)    Coach: A Farish

2015    U21    L Corbin, S Booth, J Doyle (2) (C), F Rice (2), C Le Moignan (8), J Hull (6), K Hyde, C Roberts (4), L Hunter (2), S Bott (3), D Turian, L Vaudin (21)    Coach: K Smyth

Women    E Webb (7), J Dunne, K Daunt (5), E Hicks (9), R Vaudin (20) MVP, E Batiste, D Brehaut, E Gettings, K Cochrane (9), G Batiste (9) (C), L Taylor-Kerr (20)    Coach: P Ogier

Men    A Walden (7) (C), J Hooper (9), S Sesay (4), A Dulbinskis (12) MVP, M Yabsley (8), M Beausire (2), A Vaganovs(10), J Rowe (1), D Marriott, M Hamon, A Ward (3), P Van Beek.    Coach: A Farish

2016    U21    L Corbin (C), S Booth, J Fallaize, L Graham, L Hunter, B Le Tocq, C Robert, E Robert, N Trebert, G Thomas, A Vaudin, A Vaudin.   Coach:

Women    J Daunt (C), E Batiste, K Cochrane, J Dunne, E Fabbri, E Gettings, E Hicks, O Klucznyk, L Taylor-Kerr (MVP), V Tomlin, R Vaudin, E Webb.    Coach P Ogier

Men    A Walden (C), M Beausire, A Dulbinskis (MVP), J Hooper, R Krumins, D Marriott, M Sawbridge, S Sesay, J Tracey, A Vaganovs, A Ward, M Yabsley.  Coach A Farish

2017    U21    J Hull (C), S Booth, L Hunter, K Hyde, Det King, Dol King, B Le Cocq, T Mellor, C Robert, E Robert, G Thomas, A Vaudin.    Coach M Hunter

Women    K Daunt (24) (C), E Hicks, T Barnett, G Batiste, K Cochrane, J Dunne, E Fabbri, E Gettings, V Tomlin (30) (MVP), E Webb    Coach P Ogier

Men    A Walden (C), A Dulbinskis (MVP), M Hamon, J Hooper, D Marriott, J Rowe, M Sawbridge, S Simon, S Sesay, P Van Beek, A Ward, M Yabsley.    Coach A Farish

2018    U21    Josh Hamon, Dolton King, George Thomas 19, Louis Hunter (C) 30 (MVP), Henry Pong 4, Aiden Vaudin 8, Lukas Ozanne, Toby Mellor 2, Elliot Robert 1, Dettory King 3 Coach: Max Hamon

Women    Emma Webb (C), Tia Barnett, Kat Daunt 3, Emma Hicks 3, Katie Le Gallez 4, Ieva Babina 11, Verona Tomlin 19 (MVP), Emma Sykes 4, Eden Fabbri 3, Gemma Batiste 3, Jenny Dunne 9  Coach: P Ogier

Men    Paul Van Beek 1, Matt Sawbridge 3, Max Hamon 3, James Tracey, Jason Hooper 25 (MVP), Andy Stephens, Aaron Waldron (C) 1, Mike Beausire 16, Agris Dulbinskis 19, Dan Marriott 4, Andrejs Vaganus 13, Tom Creed  Coach: A Farish

2019     U21    Elliott Robert (C), Aiden Vaudin, Billy Prince, Blake Carre, Rory Johnson, Josh Hamon, Jack Turton, Noah Whitmore, Lucas Ozanne, Luke Williams, Jake Duquemin, George Thomas. Coach: Jai Vaudin

Women    Emma Hicks (C), Emma Webb, Verona Tomlin (MVP), Gemma Batiste, Christina Hartwich, Donna Brehaut, Katie Le Gallez, Tia Barnett, Bonita Le Noury, Hayley McInnes, Erin Ogier, Emma Sykes.  Coach: P Ogier

Men    Aaron Walden (C), Jason Hooper, Martin Yabsley (MVP), Dan Marriott, Max Hamon, Agris Dulbinskis,  Paul Van Beek, Matt Sawbridge, Nico Robinson, Pete Beausire, Andrejs Vaganovs, Mike Beausire.  Coach: A Farish











Jersey 61-56

None Jersey 57-27  



Guernsey 51-45

None Jersey 54-27  



Jersey (35-24 HT)

None Guernsey 51-44  




None Guernsey?  




None Guernsey  



Guernsey 63-40

None Guernsey 63-32   



Guernsey 65-43

None Guernsey 111-29  



Guernsey 50-37

Guernsey 54-31 Guernsey 66-30  



Guernsey 63-39

Guernsey 48-43 Guernsey 78-22  



Guernsey 53-41

Jersey 42-30 Jersey 45-43  



Jersey 74-62

Jersey 54-42 Jersey 62-46  



Jersey 54-52




Guernsey 59-57

None Guernsey 42-20  



Jersey 67-35

None Jersey 56-39  



Jersey 70-50

Guernsey 52-50 O/T    



Jersey 61-52

Jersey 48-44    



Jersey 55-49

Jersey 51-31    



Guernsey 67-55

Jersey 30-27    



Jersey 62-46

Jersey 42-41 Guernsey 67-53  



Jersey 60-57

Jersey 47-28 Guernsey 63-52  



Guernsey 68-63

Jersey 53-23 Jersey 83-60  



Jersey 85-63

Jersey 55-29 Guernsey 72-48  



Guernsey 90-73

Jersey 68-31 Guernsey 67-47  



Guernsey 72-62

Jersey 61-32 Guernsey 85-43  



Jersey 89-72

Jersey 46-19 Guernsey 97-43  



Guernsey 83-72

Jersey 59-30 Guernsey 132-41  



Guernsey 76-69

Jersey 45-39 Guernsey 92-23  



Guernsey 61-53

Guernsey 52-48 Guernsey 118-43  



Jersey 67-63

Jersey 90-39 Guernsey 80-68  
10.4.1999 G

Guernsey 77-71

Jersey 59-50 Guernsey 175-30  
25.3.2000 J

Guernsey 60-54

Guernsey 57-49 Guernsey 103-39  



Guernsey 70-68

Guernsey 41-34 Guernsey 96-44  
6.4.2002 J

Guernsey 72-63

Guernsey 62-30 Guernsey 71-36  
22.3.2003 G

Guernsey 109-66

Guernsey 20-0 (forfeit) Guernsey 92-57  
8.5.2004 J

Jersey 84-81

Guernsey 77-48 Jersey 66-63  
19.3.2005 G

Jersey 61-60

Guernsey 20-0 (forfeit)   Changed to U21 Guernsey 70-47
18.3.2006 J

Jersey 68-56

Guernsey 67-28   Jersey 71-42
24.3.2007 G Guernsey 64-51 Guernsey 96-25   Guernsey 92-75
19.4.2008 J

Guernsey 64-54

Guernsey 55-28   Guernsey 90-52
28.3.2009 G

Guernsey 67-65

Guernsey 20-0 (forfeit)   Guernsey 102-48
15.5.2010 J Guernsey 62-59 Guernsey 74-30   Guernsey 83-54



Guernsey 69-50

Guernsey 59-42   Guernsey 79-54



Jersey 62-56

Guernsey 64-48   Jersey 84-79



Guernsey 101-42

Guernsey 78-22   Jersey 74-63



Guernsey 89-65

Guernsey 65-9   Guernsey 67-49



Guernsey 56-43

Guernsey 79-21   Jersey 63-48
1.5.2016 J Guernsey 84-71 Guernsey 60-29   Jersey 66-34



Guernsey 84-49

Guernsey 88-23   Jersey 67-42
28.4.2018 J Guernsey 85-55 Guernsey 69-23   Guernsey 67-61



Guernsey 83-59

Guernsey 51-35   Guernsey 74-48
Highest Score  

Guernsey 109 in 2003

Guernsey 96 in 2007 Guernsey 175 in 1999 Guernsey 102 in 2009
Lowest Score  

Guernsey 35 in 1983

Jersey 9 in 2014 Jersey 20 in 1982 Guernsey 34 in 2016
Highest Agg.  

175 in 2003

129 in 1998 205 in 1999 167 in 2007
Lowest Agg.  

 87 in 1977

 65 in 1994  62 in 1982 111 in 2015

Guernsey 32

Guernsey 24 Guernsey 23 Guernsey 9

Jersey 18

Jersey 16 Jersey 7 Jersey 6

The inaugural Under 17 matches were played in 2004 at the Langford Hall in Jersey.  The Guernsey U17 girls team played against the full Jersey Island women's team and remarkably won.

2004    U17 Boys:    L Archenoul, R Fletcher, R Williams, N Zimmerman, T Leale, M Sawbridge, B Page, J Bisson, C Platt, A Walden
2004    U17 Girls:    R Vaudin, K Brown, N Grainger, S Hughes, K Le Gallez, E Creed, M Stefani, V Loveridge, Z Bourgaize, S Castle, S Froome


The two U17 teams again travelled to Jersey on 11th June 2005 with the following results:

2005    U17 Boys:    B Page, C Falla (C), R Fletcher, M Sawbridge, T Leale, A Walden, S Rowe, C Simon, J Bisson, J Hooper, D Marriott, N Zimmerman    MVP - N Zimmerman

2005    U17 Girls:    N Grainger (C), Z Bourgaize, K Le Gallez, E Creed, V Loveridge, M Steffani, S Hughes, S Froome, A Keiller, E Hicks    MVP - N Grainger


Since then the results have been:

2006    U17 Boys    R Fletcher, M Sawbridge, C Falla, T Reed, R Williams, I froome, A Walden, S Rowe, M Hamon, T Dundon, J Bisson, D Marriott    Coach: A Farish

2007    U17 Boys    M Sawbridge (8pts), M Hamon (8), T Creed (4), I Froome (6), A Walden (10), S Rowe (9), M Ceresa, T Robins (2)  Coach A Farish  MVP

2008    U17 Boys    M Hamon (C), T Creed, I Froome, M Hunter, L Lord, L West, M McKenna, C Geocelin, L Vaudin, C Le Moignan, J Alderton.  Coach A Farish

2009    U17 Boys    S Norris (16) (C), M Jiminez, C Le Moignan, L Gill, J Harvey, L Lord (6), C Georcelin, B Phillips, M McKenna (10), S Simon (2), E Weeks (19) Coach: A Farish

2010    U17 Boys    B Phillips (7) (C), L Lord (6), N. Trebert, L Guille, M. McKenna (4), M Jimenez (4), J Allaway, L Vaudin (5), E. Weeks (23) MVP, S. Simon (22)

2011    U17 Boys    L Vaudin (17) (C), F Rice (6), C Robert (2), N Trebert (17), C Avery (6), S Pearson, O Daunt (2), B Lamb (8)    Coach: A Farish

2012    U17 Boys    O Daunt (15) (C), A Batiste, J Chester (6), M Coleman, L Corbin, J Doyle, J Hull (2), K Hyde, F Rice (11), C Robert (4), N Trebert (8), J Trott    Coach: P Jehan  MVP: B Bonakdar

2013    U17 Boys     N Trebert (8) (C), J Trott (2), F Rice (12), J Hull (19) MVP, C Robert (22), J Doyle (5), S Bott, L Graham (2).    Coach: P Jehan

2014    U17 Boys    K Hyde (2), S Sarre (7), M Simpson-Cohen, L Corbin (16), J Stevenson (2), A McKay (2), L Graham (4), K Grantham, W Dodd, B Le Tocq, S Bott (5), D Turian    Coach: P Jehan

2015    U17 Boys    A Vaudin, G Thomas (2), L Corbin (4) (C) MVP, J Fallaize (12), S Bott (7), B Le Tocq (4), L Graham (9), S Booth (13), S Sarre (4), B Le Tocq (8), A McKay (4), K Hyde    Coach: P Jehan

2016    U17 Boys    L Corbin (C), S Booth, J Fallaize, J Hamon, K Hyde, B Le Tocq, T Mellor, E Robert, S Sarre, G Thomas, Aiden Vaudin, Alex Vaudin (MVP).  Coach: P Jehan

2017    U17 Boys    J Duquemin, J Hamon, R Johnson, T Mellor, L Ozanne, H Pang, B Price, E Robert, F Simpson-Cohen, G Thomas (MVP), J Turton, A Vaudin    Coach: P Jehan

2018    U17 Boys    Jack Turton 2, Josh Hamon (C) 10, Lucas Ozanne 13 (MVP), Brad Jordon 2, George Thomas 20, Blake Carre 5, Rory Elliot-Johnson 6, Leo Donaldson, Markus Embutnets 13, Harry Sykes, Billy Prince 5, Tom Creber 4  Coach: Luke Vaudin

2019    U17 Boys    Tom Creber (C), Jack Turton, Harry Oger, Josh Bell, Markuss Embutnieks, Brad Jordan, Harry Gent, Ethan Brehaut, Louis Ozanne, Leo Donaldson, Blake Carre, Herry Sykes.  Coach: P Ogier


Date Venue

Under 17 Boys

Under 17 Girls
29.5.2004 J

Guernsey 86-47

Guernsey 61-60
19.3.2005 G

Jersey 52-51


11.6.2005 J

Guernsey 67-58

Guernsey 45-31



Guernsey 75-63

24.3.2007 G Guernsey 47-39  



Jersey 55-54  



Jersey 58-53  



Guernsey 71-53  



Jersey 79-58  
28.4.2012 J Jersey 62-46  



Guernsey 70-66  



Jersey 60-38  



Guernsey 67-35  
1.5.2016 J Guernsey 112-31  
29.4.2017 G Guernsey 74-35  
28.4.2018 J Guernsey 80-43  



Guernsey 64-53  
Highest Score  

Guernsey 112 in 2016

Guernsey  61 in 2004
Lowest Score   Jersey 31 in 2016 Jersey 31 in 2005
Highest Agg.   143 in 2016 121 in 2004
Lowest Agg.   86 in 2007 76 in 2005

Guernsey 11

Guernsey 2

Jersey 6

Jersey 0

Overall Totals - Guernsey 101 Jersey 53